Roman Days

14.05.2018 - 04.06.2018
"Ave!“ , Vinkovci salutes you, the only city in Croatia where two Roman emperors were born!
In these modern times we are discovering numerous traces that the past civilizations had left to us. 
Among the most significant of those traces is the Orion - the oldest Indo-European calendar discovered in Vinkovci, and which is being kept at Vinkovci City Museum.
We strongly recommend a tour of the Museum, as well as the streets of Vinkovci, and especcialy in the time of this important event – Roman days.
It's the event through which one strives to achieve the recognition of the Roman era, during which Vinkovci - Colonia Aurelia Cibalae - used to be quite a noteworthy settlement. So for that purpose, end of the May becomes the period of Roman rule, and the visitors are able to purchase Roman toys, attend some of the workshops at which they can learn to write on Roman tablets, watch some of the Roman games or even participate in them, and of course, experience the Roman cuisine, and have a photograph of them taken with the Roman Emperor.
Therefore - do come to Vinkovci, and take a walk through Europe's oldest city with Roman eperors! We await you!




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