POKLADNO JAHANJE (CARNIVAL HORSE RIDING) originates from the time of the Military Frontier. This tradition has been renewed, and so in Vinkovci we can see the horse riders from our County, dressed in traditional garments, passing through the old quarters of Vinkovci - Ervenica and Krnjaš. Some citizens stand in waiting to greet the cavalcade and offer food and drinks to the participants, who all get greeted in the City centre by the County Prefect and the Mayor. Organized by Udruga „Vinkovački šokački rodovi“ Vinkovci

ZIMSKI ŠOKAČKI DIVANI (WINTER ŠOKCI TALKS) - a culturology-touristic event, which has been traditionally held since 1994, and during which the most beautiful of 12 girls wearing Slavonian national garments is chosen. Organized by Slavonska naklada „Privlačica“ Vinkovci

VINKOVAČKI KARNEVAL (VINKOVCI CARNIVAL) - the events included in this title are the Children's carnival promenade, the Election of the carnival mayor, Masked ball, the Carnival procession, and the Burning of the Bušar. Organized by Udruga “Vinkovački karneval”


DORF is the singular regional festival of music documentary film. It is genre-defined, enriched with many side events and it has quickly become identifiable in both Croatia and the surrounding countries.

DORF ON THE ROAD - The guest appearances of the Festival in other cities (total of 52 cities) and countries (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia) have been greatly attended, and the interest in this kind of documentary film art has been growing. Organized by Udruga ljubitelja filma RARE Vinkovci

LUTKARSKO PROLJEĆE U VINKOVCIMA (PUPPETER SPRING IN VINKOVCI) includes the meetings of foreign and Croatian puppet theaters which stage many shows, organize puppeteer workshops, exhibitions and presentations. Organized by Kazališna družina „Asser Savus“ Vinkovci


SAJAM ZDRAVLJA (HEALTH FAIR) promotes healthy life habits, brings the medical and non-medical sectors together, and enables all visitors to participate in seminars, forums, workshops, sports and other activities. At the fair, the exhibition and the sale of (home-made) food and consumer products is organized. Event organized by Grad Vinkovci


FESTIVAL GLUMCA (ACTOR FESTIVAL) has been held in the cities of Vukovar-Syrmia County since 1994 and is the only festival in which actor is a central figure. Organized by the Croatian Dramatic Artist Society from Zagreb and the Concert-Theater Agency "Asser Savus" from Vinkovci.

ETNO VIKEND U ETNO GRADU (ETHNO-WEEKEND IN ETHNO-CITY) the event at which the fashion designers and hairdressers from all parts of Croatia compete in the creation of ethnic hairstyles and ethnic creations, that is to say, hairstyles and creations inspired by the tradition. Organized by Kulturni centar „Gatalinka“ Vinkovci


DAN GRADA (CITY PATRON SAINT'S DAY) – July 20th, St. Elias, the patron saint of the City of Vinkovci. For this event, various exhibitions, appearances of cultural-artistic associations, hackney-carriage rides, book presentations and other events are held. Organized by Grad Vinkovci and other institutions, as well as the Tourist Board of Vinkovci


SEMINAR FOLKLORA PANONSKE ZONE (THE PANNONIAN ZONE FOLKLORE SEMINAR) – the purpose of this seminar is to revive and preserve the dancing, singing and the playing of instruments that are characteristic for these lands, through lectures. Organized by Kulturni centar „Gatalinka“ Vinkovci


VINKOVAČKE JESENI (VINKOVCI AUTUMN) is the greatest folklore event in this part of Europe. It represents the popular-scholarly gathering of original national culture and stimulates the preservation of cultural heritage through song and the playing of instruments, and contributes greatly towards preventing many customs from falling into oblivion. Organized by Grad Vinkovci

NACIONALNA IZLOŽBA VOĆNIH RAKIJA I LIKERA (NATIONAL FRUIT RAKIJA AND LIQUEUR EXHIBITION) – in order to preserve the custom of producing these drinks, an event is organized - by now traditionally, at which the evaluation of the fruit rakija and liqueurs takes place, as part of Vinkovačke jeseni. Organized by the Tourist Board of the Vukovar-Syrmia County

NACIONALNO OCJENJIVANJE SLAVONSKOG KULENA/KULINA (THE NATIONAL SLAVONIAN KULEN/KULIN EVALUATION) – an event whose purpose it so entice the potential producers of the gastronomic specialty of these lands - kulen, and to reward the existing ones. It is held as part of Vinkovačke jeseni. Organized by Udruga Slavonski domaći kulen-kulin

ETNO REVIJA (ETHNO FASHION SHOW) – a fashion show presentation of the creations inspired by the tradition, held during the Vinkovačke jeseni event. Organized by Kulturni centar „Gatalinka“ Vinkovci


DANI JOSIPA I IVANA KOZARCA (JOSIP AND IVAN KOZARAC DAYS) a literary-scholarly event established in 1995 during which the following events are held: the placement of wreaths at the tombs of Vinkovci writers, the scholarly round table, the literary evening "Living Capitals", the life achievement award, the Slavonian authors book of the year award, and the "Poetry morning" (the appearances of Vinkovci and the surrounding area secondary school poets). Organized by Slavonska naklada „Privlačica“ Vinkovci


ŠOKAČKA RIČ (THE ŠOKCI WORD) a scholarly gathering whose purpose is to study and nurture the linguistic heritage of Slavonia. Organized by Zajednica amaterskih kulturno-umjetničkih djelatnosti Vukovarsko-srijemske županije

STOLJEĆA HRVATSKOGA JEZIKA (CENTURIES OF CROATIAN LANGUAGE) a scholarly event whose goal is to preserve of the values of Croatian language as the important feature of the Republic of Croatia's identity in the European Union. It is held in rememberance of the legalization of Croatian language in the Croatian Parliament in 1861.
Organized by Slavonska naklada „Privlačica“ Vinkovci

KATARINSKA ZABAVA (KATARINIAN PARTY) is the successor of Katarinske večeri (the Katarinian Evenings) of the "Veseli pustinjak" (Happy Hermit) Society, which were held around the end of the 19th century. The "Moji Vinkovci" prizes are awarded, in five categories. Organized by Građansko društvo „Moji Vinkovci“, co-organized by Rotary klub Vinkovci 1937.