Flight Club and the airport

The airport is designed in accordance with all the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO (Anex - 14). In addition, it has been given an international (ICAO) code: LDOV by The Republic of Croatia Civil Aviation Agency. The airport is conceived as the sport-tourist facility intended for reception and dispatch of aircrafts with the maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of 5,700 kilogrammes, in daylight conditions, for the requirements of air traffic, taxi and panoramic flights, pilot training, training flights, competitions, and sport and tourist flights.

Also, the airport has the properties of an international airport in the occasional reception or dispatch of aircraft, crew and passengers on notice and request (the so-called "On Request), and in those cases, the border control is conducted by the customs officials and police officers at the airport itself.

The runway itself consists of a regularly maintained drained grass surface, 800 metres in length and 30 metres in width, with safety halting surfaces of total length of 1,300 metres, without obstacles at access points. There is also an option for multiday parking of aircrafts in aprons which are under surveillance, and if needed, it is possible to arrange parking inside hangars. The MOGAS fuel can be purchased for airplanes, and pilots have a workshop at their disposal.

The camping or lodging inside the dormitories is possible for a limited number of persons, and there are sanitary facilities with shower and kitchen at their disposal. The airport, additionally, provides the washing of airplanes, the water and electricity connections, fire protection of category 1, Internet service, telefax and telephone services.