Aerodrom Sopot bb,
32100 Vinkovci
Mob: 095 2000 000; 095 2100 000
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Aeronautical Club “Vrabac“


Aeronautical Club “Vrabac“
Aerodrom Sopot bb, 32100 Vinkovci
Mob 095 2000 000; 095 2100 000

The "SOPOT" airport is located in the immediate vicinity of the town of Vinkovci, only 5 km to the south-west.The excellently maintained and drained landing strip with a grass surface is usable throughout the year. It is 808 m long, with two pre-fields, each 250 m long, and ensures safe reception of aircraft up to 5,700 kg MTOW. The airport includes a hangar for the reception and storage of aircraft, a control tower equipped with radio links and its own meteorological station, social facilities, snack-bar, phone and fax, and there are many tourist and catering facilities which offer lodging and food.Beside air-sports-oriented facilities, the "Sopot" airport offers the possibility of organizing other recreational activities, such as horse-riding, drained-course golf, fishing on the Bosut river, hunting in the nearby Spačva oak forests, rural tourism etc. The traditionally hospitable people and gentle landscape, unforgettable culinary specialties, original tambouritza music and richness of folklore will make even the shortest visit unforgettable.


- Geographical coordinates N – 45° 15˘ 06,7˘˘; E – 18° 45˘ 35,7˘˘

- Heading of airfield 04/22 QNH 83,39

- Radio frequency: 123,500 MHz/AM/

Working hours: by prior announcement

Contacts: Telephone/fax + 385 32 356 922; 098 875 922; 091 254 7907

Operator: Air Club "Vrabac", "Sopot" Airport bb, 32 100 Vinkovci